Do you really have 3000 ETH to trade?

Does who you’re dealing with really have what they claim to have?

We originally designed this as a mechanism for AngbaoShop to provide proof of asset existence and account balances in both Fiat (SGD at the moment) and Crypto to bulk sellers and corporate customers.

Now, our Proof-of-Assets technology is available for use by interested third-parties to demonstrate a constant automated and tamper-proof stream of asset balances in real-time.

Real-time Proof

Utilizing a combination of officially endorsed platform API’s, and some unconventional automated AI-powered scraping and human-enquiry simulation, our Proof-of-Assets technology is able to constantly poll traditionally “closed” systems such as local bank accounts.

We are able to retrieve an accurate, cryptographically signed-proof of current balances and transactions with the accurate timestamps and action trail.


Sample Use-cases

Ensure Balance Integrity

The most prominent usage of our Proof-of-Assets technology is to implement a constant check on balances to ensure that any out-of-system (i.e, physical) tampering of assets is spotted in real-time.

Semi-Automated Transaction Reconciliation

Another prominent use-case of such cryptographically secure data feeds would be to carry out a (mostly) automated transaction reconciliation when it comes to settlement and balancing of Fiat or Crypto balances.

For example, should you wish to trigger events when a specific asset transfer arrives with a specific trigger code into an account, you can utilize our Proof-of-Assets feed to do so.