Multi-Crypto Wallet

One Code, Many Wallets

Managing multiple sets of codes – public & private keys, passwords, and stuff – is ridiculously tiring and complicated.

With AngbaoShop’s Multi-Crypto Wallet technology, a single set of codes lets you control all your different cryptocurrency wallets out in the market, even if you have many different types of cryptocurrencies!

Absolutely Free!

Our Multi-Crypto Wallet technology comes with each and every Angbao Crypto Top-up Card at zero cost.

You don’t have to pay a single cent extra for this Multi-Crypto Wallet which you can keep with you forever.

If you like, you can even consolidate all your existing wallets into our single Multi-Crypto Wallet which you can physically hold, see, and feel!

Works With All Apps

Support for AngbaoShop’s Multi-Crypto Wallet is already built into almost any and all cryptocurrency wallet apps and websites which you already use, such as MyEtherWallet, Coinbase, BRD, imToken, and many more!

That also means that you can utilize your Angbao cards in almost any existing wallet app which you have in your smartphone or computer!

Grow Your Portfolio

..and let our Multi-Crypto Wallet take care of the complicated stuff.

Don’t get bogged down by confusion and technicalities. Our technology makes your whole crypto experience much easier than it was before.

You can now focus on growing your portfolio instead of fumbling around with keys.