Before You Buy

What exactly is this all about?

Angbaos, as we like to call it, are basically cryptocurrency top-up cards.

You buy one (or more), scratch off the “silver” to reveal your secret activation words, and visit our activation page to get it activated and redeem your desired cryptocurrency!

I am not tech-savvy. Can I use Angbaos?

Angbaos were designed for use by everyone of any age. We’ve even tested this with a 10-year-old kid and a 75-year-old granny.

If you know how to use a smartphone (Android, iOS, etc) or a computer (Mac, Windows, etc) – and of course, you know how to visit a website, we’re pretty confident you can use our Angbaos!

Where can I buy Angbaos?

You can buy them via our website, and we provide FREE delivery to your doorstep via our delivery guys. You’ll have to pay them cash on the spot, and they’ll pass you your Angbaos!

Delivery is and always will be free islandwide, with the exception of Sentosa, Tuas, and Restricted Areas such as military camps, certain Government buildings, and such. Basically if other people cannot deliver stuff to you, we also cannot, lah!

But I want it now, right NOW!

Alternatively, we are currently growing our Partner Network of Convenience Stores where you can buy Angbaos from.

You’ll be soon able to buy over-the-counter Angbaos from any of our partner convenience stores instantly!

Payment Information

But I don’t want to use my credit card!

Neither do we want to accept credit cards.
As a matter of fact, we don’t accept credit cards.

Our services are strictly cash-only.

If you opt for our free islandwide delivery service, our delivery guy will collect cash on-the-spot from you. Please remember to prepare the exact amount!

Is buying online safe?

100%. The AngbaoShop model was built from ground-up with an emphasis of safety.

We only ask for necessary information for delivery purposes – we don’t want to know any more about you than absolutely necessary for us to send your Angbaos to you!

Deliveries & Activation

When should I expect delivery?

Delivery usually happens within 1 to 2 working days. Our designated delivery partner will usually call to make sure you are home before attempting delivery.

Please help us help you by preparing the exact amount due in cash – the delivery guy might not always have change, and we don’t want that to be a hiccup!

What happens if I am not at home/work?

Our delivery partner will attempt re-delivery up to 2 times (total of 3 times, including the first delivery). They will also attempt to reach you by your mobile phone number, so please make sure you are reachable!

I need help with my delivery!?

No worries – we’re always here. Just buzz us on our Live Chat, or drop us an email at [email protected] and we will strive to reply as soon as possible!

We are confident that we can solve almost any problem you may face!

What do I do after I get my Angbao(s)?

The moment you get and pay for your Angbaos, they will be activated.

All you have to do to redeem your cryptocurrencies is to follow the instructions on the back of the Angbao – essentially to scratch off the “silver”, and start redemption via our website!

How do I track my order?

We know you’re excited, and so are we!

A tracking number will be instantly created upon your order with us. We will also display a link to the selected delivery partner (we have a few partners!) for you to track your order!