All your eggs in the same basket?

Cryptocurrencies are probably the most volatile investments you ever make this decade.

It can “moon” to many multiples of its value, but could also crash and burn. What you really want is a portfolio that survives the ups & downs of the market.

Spread your risk by spreading your portfolio – now made easy with Index by AngbaoShop

How does the Index work?

Index by AngbaoShop works on a very basic mechanism:

Buying a mixed basket of cryptocurrencies.

Instead of you picking which cryptocurrencies to buy, buy the Index, and we automatically buy the Top 5 cryptocurrencies based on market volume, as per industry-famous site, CoinMarketCap.

In your Angbao (wallet), you will literally receive 5 different types of cryptocurrencies, distributed fairly based on your total purchase amount.

What happens if the crypto in the Top 5 changes?

Everyone who buys into the Index gets a different “version” of the Index. This is based on the current market at time of purchase.

When the current Top 5 cryptocurrencies changes and moves as per the market, so will the crypto that you receive.

Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing.

— Warren Buffett
The Brutal, Honest Truth About Our Top 5 Index:

The truth is, this Index is an extremely low-risk, slow-yield product. It isn’t meant for the savvy investor who stays up all night doing his or her homework.

It’s for someone like you who just want to buy into crypto, knowing that you’ve got your bases covered.

How Do I Get the Index?

Buying into Index by AngbaoShop is easy.

Just buy an Angbao card, and at the point of redemption (after you’ve received your card), just choose “Top 5 Index” as the redemption item!

You will then receive 5 different types of cryptocurrencies in your card!

That’s it – you’re done!